NAme and History

Kalayaan Elementary School is located at Kalayaan Village, Pasay City. It has a total land area of 4,639 sq. m. The site was donated by the National Housing Authority (NHA) through usufruct. The contract of usufruct was signed between NHA General Manager, Monico Jacob and the then Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) Secretary Lourdes Quisumbing. It was acquired on September 25, 1989.

        The humble beginning of Kalayaan Elementary School was seen in 1989, with only two classrooms constructed by Philippine Amusement and Games Corporation (PAGCOR). It was considered as an annex only of Villamor Elementary School with Mr. Amaro Escario, supervisor of the South district and Mrs. Elena Jimenez as School Principal. Mrs. Suyo, Mrs. Del Barrio, Miss. Hernandez, Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Florendo and Mrs. Segundo were the first teachers of Kalayaan (who were borrowed only from different schools in the city). Six classes with three shifts were organized. Children were asked to bring their own chairs in schools for their use.

        After sometime the school had its own principal, Mrs. Milagros Ignacio, who served for one year and six months. The following year witnessed the boom in enrollment increase was recorded. With the permission of the chapel’s priest in the school community, the chapel was used as classrooms. Four classrooms for Grades V and VI were used with no barriers and walls. Additional teachers were barrowed from other schools.

       Mrs. Angelita Balisi, the next principal, worked hard for the construction of two three-storey buildings and one four-storey building. After ten years of serving the school and the children of the community where the school is, Mrs. Balisi retired and Mrs. Myrna Teves took over. Although she stayed in the school for just one year, everyone felt a friendly environment because of the school’s full implementation of Child Friendly School System (CFSS) under her term. Mrs. Lilia Labaco replaced her and seved as school principle of Kalayaan Elemntary School for two years.

        With the retirement of Mrs. Labaco, Mrs. Avelita Mercado was assigned for the principalship. During her term, the school population has continued to grow, reaching more than 4,100 children. The exerted efforts of the principal with the cooperation of the teachers, parents and the community as a whole, the school has become the show window of the Division of Pasay City for its  very successful implementation of Child-Friendly School System and for serving as Pilot school for Student Tracking System (STS) in the National Capital Region.

        This Year 2011, twenty two years after its lowly birth, with Mr. Librado Torres as its school headmaster, Kalayaan Elementary School shall renew making a mark as one of the city’s premier academic institutions.

        For a better Pasay City... its journey for academic brilliancy, efficacy and significance continues...